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Sam Gembel
Atlas Outdoor
Lee Beecher
BOLD // in-lite
Auggie Rodriguez
Phil Bahler
Pave Tool Innovators

“My interaction with Pat has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in bad or untimely decisions.

I am incredibly grateful to have worked with Pat and consider him a personal friend! His incredible generosity, business experience, and personal character are second to none and have been incredibly instrumental for me as I've navigated different high-impact business decisions. He has an ability to connect on my level in a simple and personable manner, and yet provide profound and relevant information in a very candid and honest way. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Eldon Stoltzfus
Renew Turf Science

“I can’t thank Patrick & Kenneth enough for their time coaching me through many significant points of my business journey.

When I started my landscaping company back in 2016 I met with Patrick and Kenneth. From their experience growing Local Roots, they knew how to help and understood our growing pains and were always willing to take their time to point me in the right direction. Over many conversations they went over any questions I had regarding any and all aspects of business. Whether it was coming out to job sites or answering texts/emails I had about the business, they were always a great point of reference.

Early on we struggled with having a successful landscape maintenance division while trying to grow our hardscaping division- Fast forward a handful of years later and we have grown our hardscaping division while continually improving and growing the maintenance division.”

Austin Avampato
Quality Choice Landscaping

“Patrick and his team have been instrumental in optimizing our business operations.

Their assistance was particularly valuable with the employee onboarding templates and process improvement, which proved to be exceptionally helpful.”

James Ulmer
Back to Nature Landscaping and Construction

“Discovering the values Kenn & Patrick bring to business is a new and exciting light.

Business owners strive for years to break through the challenges business brings and do not succeed. For Kenn & Patrick the challenges seem effortless due to their strategies, instinct and willingness to go above and beyond to accomplish any goal. Truly Great People!”

Joe Luffy
Earth Elements Landscape Supply LLC

“What Patrick and Kenneth provided to our business at HNA was invaluable.

The amount of insight they provided on bringing essential employees in, reinvesting in the business, and providing leadership for employees has propelled our business forward.”

AJ Raber
Raber Co. Home and Lawn

“Your guidance and support have been invaluable in streamlining our operations and ensuring efficiency.

Your willingness to share your expertise is greatly appreciated and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our business's success. Thank you once again for your generosity and assistance.”

Mike Douds
Douds Brothers Landscape Construction Inc.

“Patrick's helpful business advice improved my landscaping company's operations.

His strategic insights and industry knowledge were valuable in driving positive changes. I would happily recommend his coaching services.

Matt Atkinson
Atkinson Landscaping

“It was amazing how much time Patrick put into our coaching events. He is passionate about helping businesses, like mine, continue to grow.

He puts things into perspective, because he’s been there. What more can you ask for in a coach, besides someone who listens, explains a similar situation he went through, and then helps you with the steps to get you out of that rut and moving forward again. Thank you Patrick! I have learned so much working with you!

Dani Friesen
Friesen Landscaping

“The materials, processes, and structural insights from Local Roots have been a game-changer for Willie C and Sons Landscaping.

They have not only enhanced our operational efficiency and project quality but have also contributed to our overall growth and success. FRWRD' guidance has proven indispensable in helping us achieve our landscaping goals and elevate our business to new heights."

Nick Cloutier
Willie C. and Sons Landscaping LLC

“The Team from FRWRD Coaching not only knows how to build a successful business and team but to attain that without giving everything you have to your business.

They understand the systems and processes needed for efficiency and scale ability in your operation and coach you through those. Equally important but often overlooked in the pursuit of business growth is having the tools and strategies that allow for personal growth, including time for relationships and fulfillment outside of work. It is in this area that they set themselves apart as they work with you in a balanced pursuit of a successful business but also a successful life."

Wayne Boettger
PMI Equipment

“The growth in their company has been great to watch and the growth in their professional lives has been even better to watch. These guys know their stuff.

Patrick & Kenneth have been great sources of information and guidance for me over the last few years. Since we compete in a similar market, many others would not help us out or be so willing to offer advice. However, these guys live by a rising tide that lifts all ships.

Ryan Toy
Toys Landscaping

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